Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

Björk's Swan-Dress!

Well, many people have been asking me about this.
The Björk-swan dress. 
I made it for my sister for carnival because she looks a bit like Björk herself.
Total strangers come up to her and tell her that she looks like Björk. So I told her I would make her Björk's famous swan-dress for carnival. 
Here it is:

It took about a week to make (machine-sew, glue, hand-sew....).
The swan's beak is glued and the eyes are the same kind of eyes as the little white bunny at the bottom wears in his face. 

For the swan's neck I used white velvet to make it look more furry. 
The base-dress was made without any sample or drawing at all. I simply cut a hole into white fabric and pulled it over my sister's head. Then I stitched needles around her to find the dress's form. 
After that I pulled it off her and machine-sewed along the needles. THAT's really unprofessional but I just didn't want to look through the Burda magazines and then alter a complicated dress. I mean, I only needed a simple base-dress. Thus, I made one. 

Then I took about 9 metres of tulle and cut it into strips (I got this from "How to make Björn's swan dress" tutorials, yes, there really are many of them outside on the internet!!). I gathered it and, this was my sister's idea, sew the gathered stripes directly with the machine. 

The complicated part was following. It seemed to be impossible to machine-sew the gathered tulle stripes onto the base-dress.
Thus, I discovered a funny position in which to hand-sew the stripes onto the base-dress sitting on my sofa. xD Looked funny a bit like the so called "tailor position" (in Germany) and I looked like the brave tailor, haha.

So, here it is again:

Doesn't she look cute and a bit like Björk? :-)

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