Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

Proudly presenting: the Flower Top, my very first garment ever!

I have to admit I'm feeling a little tiny bit proud.

This is the first garment I've ever sewn (apart from slippers and bags, that is).
The front:

And: there's no tracing pattern to it since I've copied a cut from an H&M-top using Burda copy-foil 
--> (Kopierfolie!! What a mad process - but it did work!!) :D

The back:
Don't get too close - you can see that it's been my first try... -.- 

And a very blurry, red-ish photo made by night from how it looks when you wear it.
(Namely, NOT like the original shirt because the orginal is made from jersey and I used plain cotton...) 

 See the school-bag in the background? Yep, I've been terribly busy studying... ;P

Hello again...with Tilda's Folding Sewing Case

I'm so sorry that I've left you for such a long time. There were lots of exams to be taken and an internship to plan... -.-

However, here's what I've sewed in the past few weeks, not to mention: months, ha!! 

Last year I've been living in a flat share with lots of fashion design students (cause the fashion school was just next to the building). 

I'm still friends with one of the girls and knowing that she uses needles all day long, I made her this birthday present: 

It's the same pattern Erna the Horse and Agathe the Duck are from. 
(...ha, this sounds quite funny!)