Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

The Tilda-lamp

A few years ago, I got these nice Tilda-fabrics for my birthday. I've hesitated for a long time to actually make use of them as I was fearing that I might make a mistake when sewing them and that I'd waste them - you know, Tilda fabrics are not too cheap. ;-)
So, they've been waiting in my fabric-box. 

However, I've always planned to cover a lamp with one of the fabrics. 
One day last week I've seen a cheap lamp in beige in my local drugstore and I just thought: Now or never! 

And, ta-daa, here it is: 

Now I just need to find a nice place for it...

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

Fürs Naschkätzchen

Simply take some beautiful sort of paper (old-fashioned or not, your school-report or not) and wrap it, using glue, around a timer. I used a timer which was for free due to being advertisement.

The paper I used had been used for wrapping chocolate by a bakery. I hope this bakery doesn't get angry with me for using their paper! 


I have to admit that I like the detail on the back of the book where it says "Zartbitter" (plain chocolate).

Btw, "Naschkätzchen" can maybe be translated as something close to "sweet toothy".