Samstag, 27. August 2011

For a Friend

Wishing her well.

Whitening Action! :D

It just comes to my mind that a before/after comparison would have been nice at this place, however this photo will also do without it: 

The stool used to be my Grandma's. It took a bit of discussion with my dad before I was allowed to paint it white.

I also renovated a cabinet for my sister's new flat, however the photos will come some time later since she simply took it with her just after the paint had been dry for about a few hours!! Well... -.-

Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

A new Notebook

Soon I will start my placement in a hotel. As notebooks are always quite useful (but most of them look boring) I decided to design my own. 

I painted the cover lime green. 

The background picture is from a magazine (German Glamour?!).

...and for the pages I again used my lovely birdy stamps. :D

Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Marbles Bag

How time passes! The son of a friend started school this week and therefore we had a big party in the park with lots of games, good food and presents.

The present I made him was this marbles bag (including some cool marbles, that is). 

Seeing as he has a preference for green and likes cats, I hope that he likes this bag, as well. :-)
(I especially like the cool pin which says "school-kid". Not my creation, though.) 

Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Short White Pullover

You may ask, why I sew a pullover this time of the year, however, 
1. there has never been sth that resembles a person's associations about the word summer, 
2. it's a summer pullover (because it's short and light). 
AND it's a summer pullover because I will take it with me to Fuerteventura where I will spend Autumn this year due to a hotel PR placement. (I'm not allowed to use the swimming-pools, so don't go "ahhh"). ;-)

However, in case you want to knit a pullover like mine, this is the basic pattern (I've used one I found in a German knitting-mag called "Rebecca"): 
simply use a rib pattern (one left, one right, one left, one right, you get it) for one row, then do one row right knit stitches only. After that you repeat it until you have the length you need.

Thanks go to my mum who (again) helped me a lot and whose ideas were the crochet as well as the ribbon. :-)