Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon... home where the park turned bright green now and fruits start to ripen (see, we actually got strawberries!) I took the bike for a ride through the fields. My bunny also found a place to sit and enjoy the view onto my favourite field. There are real rabbits in the field, you know...

Sweden-Sara loves Music... she gets some music for her birthday.

But not without any personal designs. 

Easy to do: get yourself a cool catalogue ("Impressionen" in this case) and cut out anything beautiful you won't ever be able to afford and buy anyway. 
Shake-shake-shake it into a more or less sense-making arrangement, and tadaa: 

Loving Strawberries!

What do you do when the strawberry-season has not started, yet?
When you love the colour and form and smell of them?
You sew your own strawberries!
Out of fabric in lovely patterns.
When I looked through the Tilda book the strawberries were the first thing that caught my eye.

So, here they are. I used green felt for the leaves. Makes them look more like leafage (apart from the reason that I did not want to buy green fabric only for those tiny leaves, of course).

Going on with Tilda, I discovered this little box. Making it was quite easy apart from handling and ironing repeatedly the thick vilene, volume vilene! It makes it quite stressy when you have to handle thick layers of fabric in the sewing-machine.