Dienstag, 2. März 2010


When it is cold outside I noticed that when you do knitting you feel a bit warmer. 
When I was on my way from work going by train I wanted to have something to do. Thus I started crocheting these little baby girl shoes.

An old man on the train started joking when he wanted to see what I was knitting: "can I take a look?" he asked,  "I won't try them on I promise!"
Well, I was lucky that he didn't try them on, they would have been too small...

I want to mention that my mum always did the first few rows and that she actually taught me how to crochet these baby-shoes.

In order to make my shoes recognisable as girl shoes I chose a pink ribbon...

...and formed a bow at the front of the shoe.


However, I was told that the baby-shoes were not only too small for the elderly man but also for the baby itself. xD

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