Dienstag, 5. April 2011

Scillablütenfest - Scilla Blossom Festival

Here in Hanover there are a few days in April when the Scilla blossoms are in bloom.

It's been the first time I've heard of it and luckily my father showed this beautiful place to my sister and me the other day.

Otherwise we would have missed this so-called "blue wonder".


Yet another beautiful place in Hanover.

People on this hill in Hanover put up blue balloons in order to celebrate this season. 
Hehe, sounds a bit like a Japanese cherry-blossom festival, if I write like this. ;-)

Yes, this again is not selfmade but I can promise you that soon there's going to be a new entry on a textile-pal I'm currently working on. ;-)


  1. Ich will da auch hin *schnief* wo ist das?
    LG Vivi

  2. Das ist auf dem Lindener Berg. :) Müssen wir mal hin, das ist ne echt schöne Ecke...